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The following sites below are additional sites that I found to be worthwhile in the understanding of each section!

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AP Art History Syllabus


Introduction / Practice Test
Prehistoric Art

Study Guide
due August 25

Great Prehistoric website from Reference.com

Cave of Chauvet Pont d'Arc


  August 25 - August 27
PowerPoint Slide Show

Chapter 2a
Ancient Near East (p. 37-47)

Study Guide
due August 25

Ancient Near East Collection at the Met Museum of Art

Ancient Near East
@ Odyssey Online

Good website for basic NEAR EAST info!

  August 28 - September 4
PowerPoint Slide Show (introduction and General Info)

PowerPoint Slide Show (Votive figures and Steles)

Review for Test 1 & 2a
TEST - Thursday, September 3



Chapter 2b
Art of Ancient Egypt (p. 48-61)

Study Guide
due August 25

Egyptian Art at the Met Museum

Understanding Egyptian Art

Tomb pictures of Ti (the Hippo Hunt guy)

Akhenaton:  Reptile King or Genetic defect?

King Tut's DNA Revealed!

  September 7 - September 11
PowerPoint Slide Show

Review for Chapters 1 & 2
TEST - Friday, September 11



Chapter 4
Aegean & Greek Art

Study Guide
due September 15


Museum of Cycladic Art (cool)

Minoan, Mycenaean & Cycladic

Is the Mask of Agamemnon a Hoax?

  September 14 - September 18

PowerPoint (Cycladic-Mycenaean)
PowerPoint (Geometric-Archaic)
PowerPoint (Classical Greek & REVIEW)

PowerPoint (Know Your Acropolis!)



Chapter 5
Spread of Greek Art & Culture
September 21 - September 25

Study Guide
due September 22

Hellenistic Art @ Greeklandscapes.com

Exploring Hellensitic Art

PowerPoint (Hellenistic)
PowerPoint (Etruscan)
Review Slides for Chapters 1-5

TEST - Thursday, September 24
No School for Students Friday Sept 25th



Chapter 6
Roman Art
September 28 - October 2

Study Guide
due September 29

PowerPoint (Intro-Republic)
PowerPoint (High Empire)

PowerPoint (Late Empire)
Rome Review



Chapter 7
Early Christian, Jewish & Byzantine Art
October 5 - October 9

Study Guide
due October  6

Christ in Art through the Ages (interesting pics)

PowerPoint Slide Show
Know Your Churches!

Review for 6 & 7 Test
TEST - Friday, October 9



Chapter 10a
Early Medieval Art in Europe (p. 241-256)
October 12 - October 16

Study Guide
due October 13

PowerPoint Slide Show
Review of Early Christian - Medieval



Chapter 10b
Romanesque Art (p. 256-271)
October 19 - October 23

Study Guide
due October 20

The Bayeaux Tapestry

PowerPoint Slide Show
Test Your Romanesque Knowledge!

Quarter Test Review SlideShow
QUARTER TEST - Friday, October 23rd



Chapter 11a
Gothic Architecture
October 26 - October 30

Study Guide
due October 27

    PowerPoint Slide Show
Know Your Cathedrals!

Guess the Gothic Period!

Chapter 11b
Gothic Painting  (Proto Renaissance)
November 2 - November 6

Study Guide
due November 2

    NO SCHOOL NOV. 3rd
PowerPoint Slide Show
Chapter 11 REVIEW for TEST
TEST - Friday, November 6th


Chapter 12a
Early Renaissance Art
(Outside of Italy p. 305-318)

November 9 - November 13

Study Guide
due November 10

Early Netherlandish Painting (on Wiki)

Early Northern @ About.com

PowerPoint Slide Show
NO SCHOOL Nov. 11th - Veterans Day
Review for 12a!




Chapter 12b
Early Renaissance Art (Italy)
November 16 - November 20

Study Guide
due November 17

Italian Renaissance
Art History
@ Evansville

PowerPoint Slide Show
Chapter 12 REVIEW for TEST
TEST - Thursday 19th (Slides), Friday 20th (Test)


Chapter 13a
High Renaissance Art
(Italy p. 339-368)

November 23 - December 2

Study Guide
due November 2

Good Link to
Renaissance Art

Mark Twain's take on
Venus of Urbino!

Mona Lisa's ID Revealed!

PowerPoint (Leonardo - Michelangelo)
PowerPoint (Raphael-Titian-Tintoretto)
PowerPoint (Mannerism-Review)

Turkey Weekend!  No School Nov. 25-27


Chapter 13b
High Renaissance Art (Outside of Italy)
December 7 - December 11


Cool Link on Interpretation of Bosch's Earthly Delights

PowerPoint (Grunewald-Holbein-Durer)
PowerPoint (Bosch-Bruegel-REVIEW)

Chapter 13 REVIEW for Test
TEST - December 10 (Slides), 11th (Test)



Chapter 14
The Baroque Period
December 14 - December

Study Guide
due December 15

Wiki on Baroque

Good Website on Vermeer

Camera Obscura in action (**MUST SEE!)

PowerPoint (Italian)
PowerPoint (Spanish-Flemish)
PowerPoint (Dutch)
PowerPoint (French-Rococo)

Review PowerPoint for Quiz - NEW!
TEST - December 22 (Slides), December 23 (Test)


Crash Course Week
Review for 'Ye Olde Slide Show Quiz'
January 4 - January 14
SEMESTER EXAM - "Hell's Art Show" - TBA
NO SCHOOL Jan. 18th - MLK



Chapter 17
Neoclassicism, Romanticism & Realism
January 19 - January 29

Study Guide
due January 20

Explanation of 'Neoclassical'
(Must Read!)

Hudson River School
on ArtLex

  Timeline - Neoclassical
PowerPoint (Neoclassical)
PowerPoint (Romantic & Realism)
Review PPT for Section 17

TEST - February 9 (Slides), 10 (Test)



Chapter 18
Late 19th-Century Art in Europe & The U.S.
February 1 - February 19

NO SCHOOL - February 12th & 15th

Study Guide
due February 2

Impressionism on WebMuseum

Eiffel Tower @ Great Buildings.com(GREAT PICS!)

Art Nouveau Website

Great Impressionism Video

  PowerPoint (Impressionism)
PowerPoint (Impressionism Review)
PowerPoint (Post-Impressionism)
PowerPoint (Seurat-Gauguin-Rodin)
PowerPoint (Sargent-Homer-Whistler-Tanner)
PowerPoint (Art Nouveau)
PowerPoint (Section 18 Review)

**Snow Day adjustments:  TEST - February 24 (Slides), 25 (Test)

Chapter 19
Modern Art in the Early 20th Century
February 22 - March 12

Study Guide
due March 1

The ABCs of DADA
(weird YouTube video)

CUBISM on Wikipedia

AWESOME Photo Collection @ Library of Congress

  PowerPoint (Expressionism)
PowerPoint (Cubism-Futurism-Art Deco)
PowerPoint (DeStijl-Suprematism-Bauhaus)
PowerPoint (Surrealism)
PowerPoint (Regionalism)

PowerPoint (Section 19 REVIEW)
TEST - March 11 (Slides), 12 (Test)


Chapter 20
20th-Century Art after 1945
March 16 - April 3

Study Guide
due March 16

Pop Art on Wikipedia

YouTube of Spiral Jetty!


PowerPoint (Abstract Expressionism)
PowerPoint (Close-Ringgold)
PowerPoint (Pop Art)

PowerPoint (Op Art - Environmental)

PowerPoint (Sculpture)
PowerPoint (Postmodern Architecture)

PowerPoint (REVIEW)

TEST - April 2 (Slides), 3 (Test)


SPRING BREAK... APRIL 2 - 9!  Woo Hoo!

Early Hindu Art in India

Non-European Cultures
April 14 -
April 24
    PowerPoint (Islamic Art)
PowerPoint (Buddhist Art)
PowerPoint (Introduction to Hinduism)
PowerPoint (REVIEW of Non-European and Others)

TEST - April 23 (Slides), 24 (Test)

Crash Course
Essay writing, review all 5000 pieces
April 24 - May 12

Additional Pieces Review
TEST - May 1 (Slides)

Figure Sculpture Pieces Review
TEST - May 8 (Slides)


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