Applying Percent & Percent of Change
Internet Activity - Algebra 1
For use with Chapter 4-Sections 4 and 5 of the Glencoe Algebra 1 textbook
Graded Course of Study Objectives: 2.32, 2.60, 3.110, 3.11
Go Trojans !!
This Internet activity will demonstrate applications of percent and how the difference between two numbers may be expressed as a percent.
Before attempting this activity, make sure you can solve problems involving percents and
know which buttons to press if you are using a calculator

Click this button to practice finding percent of change.....also called percent increase or decrease.  You will compare the cost of things you buy at the grocery store today versus what those same items cost years ago.
Complete the worksheet then email it to me.

Click this button to see example test questions.
The multiple choice format will let you know when you have answered each question correctly.

Click this button to view another activity involving percent change.  In this activity, the expansion of the object is directly related to the amount of air introduced through the straw.
Answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper and give them to Mr. Outt.
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