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Principal Nancy Parks, M. Ed.


Dear Parents, Grandparents and Guardians,


            Welcome back to Holly Hill Elementary and the 2011-12 school year. It is such a great honor for me to work with the dedicated teachers and staff members who have strived so hard to provide an environment that encourages learning, and promotes safety for your children.  

            We made some changes that will be in effect for this year. We wish Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Clark all the best as they have retired. Mrs. Melissa Johnson will be joining the Amelia Elementary staff this year. We wish her all the best in her new school and teaching position. We welcome back Mrs. Meg Browarsky who will be one of our Intervention Specialists. It is with sad hearts that we say goodbye to our Cultural Arts teachers, Mrs. Johnson (music), Mrs. Witsken (art), Mrs. Whittymore (PE) and Mrs. Jackson (librarian). It is our sincere hope that these wonderful, experienced cultural arts teachers are able to return to Holly Hill, and all the cultural arts teachers in the elementary schools in our district by the next school year.    

            This year, West Clermont Board of Education has moved preschool and kindergarten to all day, every other day school. If you have a child in preschool or kindergarten, your child will be assigned to a specific schedule until the end of the year. For example, a kindergarten student could be assigned a Monday/Wednesday schedule with assigned Fridays, or a Tuesday/Thursday schedule with assigned Fridays. Preschool students will only be assigned Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday.  As students are assigned to kindergarten and preschool, parents will be receiving the correct schedule for the entire school year.                 When your child/children begin school this year, you will be receiving lots of information from the teachers.  The Elementary School Handbook contains most of the information that will you help navigate through the school year. I encourage you to review all the documents thoroughly. Then sign and return the next day.

            Please be aware of the following information:

  1. Arrivals: The school day begins at 9:00. Drop-off for breakfast begins at 8:45. Regular student drop–off begins at 8:45. Please be aware that drop-offs cannot be dropped off before 8:45 as there is no supervision.
  2. Tardy children- Parents can not drop-off their child if they are late. Parents must walk their child into to school and sign them in.
  3. Dismissals- Parents/family members picking up students can sign them out between 2:45 and 2:55 at the left side of the building. We will be dismissing students according to the new dismissal procedures.
  4. Phone numbers- We are required by law to have a working phone number in case of emergencies and/or illnesses. If your number changes at any time please contact the office immediately.
  5. Permission Release Forms- Make sure that you list all the persons that you will allow to pick up your child/children. We will not add or delete names unless you come to the school in person with a valid ID. We will not accept phone calls or notes. All persons must show valid ID at school.
  6. Appointments- If an appointment is scheduled during the day please send a note letting your child’s teacher and the office know of the early dismissal.
  7. Attendance- Parents are required by law to call our attendance line if a child is absent for any reason. Our number is 943- 8904. Please call before 10:00 AM. This 24 hour number is also the number you use for homework requests.
  8. Free and Reduced Breakfast and Lunch- Applications will be provided to all students or can be picked up at our office. As we get the application we will send it to District Office for approval. You can prepay meals by sending in a check with your child with student name and ID number. Please have your child learn his/her ID number. You can check your child’s account online at You will need the ID number. Questions please call our cafeteria at 943-8906.


On September 6, 2011 we will begin a new year of learning, exploration, and fun. Our exiting fifth graders embark on a new journey going onto the Middle Schools. I wish them success and happiness as they move on.  Our new kindergarten students will begin their educational journey in which I hope they will embrace learning as an opportunity to strive to be the best. I urge parents and family members to be involved with their child’s education. Studies have shown that when parents are involved in their child’s education, their child is more successful in school. I encourage you to be a volunteer with the grade level teachers. The teachers are always looking for room mothers to help out for parties or field trips.  We can always use an extra person to help with students by reading a book, reviewing spelling words, or just helping the teacher with clerical duties. Our PTO is also looking for parental support. The group meets monthly at Holly Hill.

I look forward to meeting the new faces of incoming parents with their children along with our Holly Hill community at the fall open house. We will continue to work as a team supporting our students at school and at home. We will strive to make Excellence in the upcoming years at Holly Hill, and with your help and support, I know that we will achieve this goal.



Nancy Parks