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Special Education Department

The mission of the West Clermont Local Schools Student Services Division is to provide services that empower students to be their best based on their individual strengths and abilities.  We are committed to high-quality differentiated instruction that meets the diverse academic, emotional, and social needs of all of our students.  We pride ourselves on our ability to offer services to all students with special needs that are located within the boundaries of the school district. A vast majority of our student’s needs are successfully met at the student’s neighborhood school. For those students who require expertise in social communication skills, the district has programs that focus on students Multiple Disabilities, Autism, and Emotional Disturbance. While these programs are not located at every school, West Clermont strives to keep children as close to home as possible.

Eligibility for Special Education Services

Children must meet two criteria in order to receive special education:

- The child must meet Ohio’s qualifications for one or more of the 13 disabilities listed in the IDEA:

Autism, Deaf-Blindness, Deafness, Emotional Disturbance, Hearing Impairment, Cognitive Disability, Multiple Disabilities, Orthopedic Impairment, Other Health Impairment, Specific Learning Disability, Speech or Language Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury, Visual Impairment

- The student's disability must have an adverse effect on his/her academic performance to such a degree that special education and related services must be considered in order for the student to be successful in school.

*Not all children who have a disability require special education and related services. Many are able to participate in their classrooms with few or minor program modifications.

*It is important to note that RTI within a three-tier intervention model is also a part of special education eligibility decision-making required by 34 CFR 300.309 and 23 IAC 226.130

Department Vision
By providing positive learning experiences that facilitate success for students in special education through high-quality instruction, as well as collaboration with parents, students, schools, and the community, students will focus on their positive attributes and recognize their individual strengths and achievements to promote their future success

Department Motto 
Meet students “where they are.”
Believe that all individuals can grow.
Provide the tools and opportunities to achieve success

Department Values

  • We believe in fostering relationships with students, parents, and the community.
  • We value students and meet them where they are to provide academic and functional skills that prepare them for their future.  We will model lifelong learning for our students.
  • We believe our success is defined by the success of our students.
  • We will use data to drive instructional decisions.
  • We will continue to grow through professional development opportunities.


Department Contact Information


Dr. Amy Storer - Director of Elementary Teaching & Learning / Special Education

Meghan LawsonDirector of Secondary Special Education / Special Education

Cheryl Turner - Assistant Director of Elementary Teaching & Learning / Special Education (Clough Pike Elem., Summerside Elem., and Willowville Elem.)

Elaine Georgiou - Assistant Director of Elementary Teaching & Learning / Special Education (Amelia Elem., Merwin Elem., and WT Elem.)

Kim Hayden - Special Education Supervisor (West Clermont Middle School)

Scott Horstmeier - Special Education Supervisor (West Clermont High School)

Tyler Lucas - Special Education Supervisor (Wolfpup Preschools and Holly Hill Elem.)

Tracye RennerParent Mentor (Can also be reached at 513-943-5083)