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West Clermont Words

West Clermont Words: Rise & Bloom Together


by Natasha L. Adams

The COVID-19 pandemic and the start of this school year have dramatically changed how we as educators teach, operate, rely on technology, and interact with one another. However, I see our current situation not as a negative disrupter but instead as an opportunity for us to become more effective at working together to serve our students!

My mom always taught me to bloom where you are planted. Even as an adult, it’s a concept that helps to keep things in perspective and to remind me that no matter what any given situation entails, I should make the most of it and be aware of my capabilities and purpose. I think that same advice also applies to us as a community.

In situations such as we find ourselves, sometimes the conditions are rocky, which makes it hard for roots to take hold without proper intervention and attention. And yet, other times the conditions are just right with plenty of sunlight and water, and the fruits of our labor are obvious. It’s clear that not only we as a school district but also as a country—and quite frankly, a world—are experiencing one of those more “rocky” moments and we must remind ourselves of our capabilities and purpose as neighbors and citizens.

In our schools, we must think about the “weeds” that we as a community need to carefully prune and tend to every day if we are going to not only survive but THRIVE together through this pandemic.

Instead of confusion, we all need to seek clarity…instead of a “We’ve Always Done It That Way” mentality, we need to support each other in continuous improvement and capacity-building…instead of working in silos, we need to collaborate across our entire community and build networks of shared norms, values, and understanding…instead of distrust, we need to communicate, be inclusive, and listen to one another…and instead of passive compliance, we need to grow our collective commitment to excellence and high performance in all areas of our community.

Now that we have succeeded in moving through the first months of school, I want to thank our entire community for the efforts you have made to help West Clermont’s return to school be a success not only for our students but also our staff.

We must continue to work TOGETHER as ONE COMMUNITY to celebrate our wins and overcome our challenges and remind one another that no matter what any given situation entails, we must make the most of it and be aware of our capabilities and purpose. After all, it is only by coming together as ONE COMMUNITY that we continue to LEARN, LEAD, and SUCCEED.

I strongly believe that together, we can RISE to the occasion fueled by our passion to impact the lives of the people around us. Ultimately, we need to continue cultivating a community where everyone can thrive and grow. And we can do this – together!

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