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4529 Schoolhouse Rd. Batavia, Ohio 45103

 Phone: 513-943-6800

Student Hours: 9:20AM - 4:00PM




Principal: Kevin Jones

Secretary:  Kristal Abel

Total Enrollment:  642

Percentage of multiracial students: 2.7%

Economically Disadvantaged: 28.8%

Attendance rate: 96%



Our mission is to ensure all students achieve academic success in a safe environment supported by parents and the community.


The vision of WIllowville Elementary School is to nurture a love of learning, develop a well-rounded child and maintain a positive school culture that embraces all students by providing active and engaging learning, setting rigorous expectations, developing critical and creative thinkers, and collaborating and communicating with families in a safe facility conducive to learning that promotes student success and achievement.   

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  • We strive to provide a safe learning environment.
  • We are well planned that every minute will find children learning.
  • We know each child so well that respect and understanding are norms in each classroom.
  • We are sure that every child understands the task, and he/she remains on task.
  • We deal justly, consistently and patiently with every child.
  • We view communication with the home as a critical factor in a child’s academic success.
  • We model expected personal, social and emotional conduct.
  • We assess transition times with the goal of maximum TIME ON TASK.
  • We use personal information concerning any child or family confidentially and professionally.
  • We respect the unique talents of every colleague.
  • We are contributors to the positive life of the school.
  • We present interesting instruction that is effective for all ability levels.
  • We provide clean and well organized classrooms.
  • We greet each child with a pleasant and personal welcome.
  • We present research based instructional programs to meet the needs of all students.



WILLOWVILLE ELEMENTARY serves children from preschool through fifth grade and employees a staff of 30 certified teachers with 77% holding a Master’s Degree who serve students of all abilities.  Many families have chosen our school because of our dedicated staff, the involvement and support of our parents, the opportunities provided, and the student’s engagement in a high quality education.

  • Willowville Elementary PTO is very involved in many aspects of our school.  They host well attended family events, skating parties, fundraisers, financial support for field trips, cultural arts programs, and educational programs, as well as many other activities throughout the school year.
  • Willowville Elementary encourages community service involvement through our projects such as, pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald House, donations to the local food pantry, collection tree of mittens, scarves and hats for the YWCA, Jump for Heart Penny Wars for the American Heart Association and the Katie Haumesser Foundation, and our Memorial Day Parade honoring all Veterans.
  • Willowville Elementary’s dedicated staff strives to provide an engaging, rigorous, high quality education using district approved research based programs and technology.  Staff members collaborate on a daily to weekly basis regarding curriculum, instruction, assessment data, student concerns, and scheduling.
  • Willowville Elementary operates a strong literacy and math program with an additional half hour dedicated to enrichment or skills deficit in reading.
  • Willowville Elementary provides special education support for qualifying students in an inclusive environment.  Teams of special education teachers and regular education teachers collaborate and serve students with identified special needs.  We offer programs for students who are learning disabled, developmentally handicapped, orthopedically handicapped, and those with social communication needs.   Additionally, Speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are offered to those students who qualify.
  • Willowville Elementary and in our West Clermont Local School District, the Response to Intervention process is followed when students are struggling at school.  The goal of the Response to Intervention is to identify an action plan that will improve the student’s academic, behavioral, or social skills.  Based on data collected in the classroom, teachers may provide automatic interventions and document these on a Tier 2 intervention form.  If a more intensive, individualized plan is needed, the teacher will schedule a Tier 3 meeting with parents and other support personnel, as needed.  A collaborative plan will be developed at the meeting with parent input.  Parental involvement is a very important part of this process.

Willowville Elementary has supportive volunteers who are welcomed into the school setting and complete the cohesiveness of community support which help our staff and students achieve.  We value their time, effort, and